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Arya Farzin

Co-Founder Arya Farzin

At age 19 I weighed 365 lb's. My name is Arya Farzin, I am Co-founder of Heat Running and I have a story for you. I was obese almost my entire life. My weight loss attempts throughout my life were futile as I continuously tried and failed. I did this to the point that it seemed impossible. I was stuck in this 365 lb nightmare. After breaking dozens of chairs, having to shop at Big And Tall as a college student, and being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, I decided to make a change. Almost two years later, I conquered obesity and lost over 200 lbs. Helping others succeed became my passion and I continued to do so for years as a personal trainer. I stand before you seven years later in a new body, with a way to help people all over the world.

Co-Founder Joseph Phillips

My name is Joseph, Co-founder of Heat Running and I met Arya working for an elite gym in Bethesda MD. As personal trainers we wanted to help as many people as possible get healthy and fit. Trainers have this passion to pass on a healthy lifestyle to as many people as we can. We realized that there was another way to reach a much bigger audience. We could use a fitness app to motivate people on a global scale. Our goal is to build a community of fitness minded people and motivate them through competition. But there is a caveat. It has to be FUN! We have teamed up with ORA Interactive to bring you Heat Running. A revolutionary way to run on your phone.

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